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    Anyone have a clue?

    photographer stefan

      I can´t see all the css rules when using inspect mode - like i for instance do with the Webmodule plugin in FF.

      Are there any prefs that needs to be set?


      //Cherrs Stefan

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          Ken Binney-GnPIX3 Level 4

          DW version please.

          Are you displaying your CSS panel?

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            photographer stefan Level 1

            Hi there,


            DW CS5, mac and used both CS3, 4 and i think i can say that a know a few things - although i am surprised that the "Inspection" mode does not show all as as an example the web develop module in FF does when it comes to sniff up the info - but it is here i think that there must be some prefs somewhere...


            I am doing after the book and would be more than happy to rock on with DW5 wich i do at the moment although I am maybe a bit "surprised" that it does not smack FF on the fingers.


            I hope i am the one without knowledge in this matter or is it only working as supposed in Wordpress, joomla etc...


            Hope some one can lite up the prefs for this - i would love it!


            All the best Stefan