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    DWcs3 Egregiously missing file synchronizations

      when connecting to my remote sites via ftp, i've noticed that cs3 is doing a completely horrible job when i chose to synchronize "Entire [local] site" with my remote site. (i want my new, edited local files to replace the remote ones, w/o having to go through and choose every file i edited).

      this behavior seems random and unpredictable, to the point where i can't trust it anymore, and this is now a major headache. sometimes DW gets them all perfectly synched in one shot. other (most) times it will miss whole directories that were edited!

      in fact, many times i've chosen "Synch entire site" multiple times in a row, and it still misses whole directory timestamps every single time, until i go in manually and select them -- then it works. how can this be?

      this is such a hassle -- now i'm having to keep track of what files i edited so i can manually select to synch them up. i never had this problem in DW8, btw.

      are there any known issues with this? i'm hoping there's something simple i'm missing. this is really getting to be a drag. i'm not a DW chump, i know this should work based on my settings. hope someone knows something about this!
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          Have you had any luck with solving this problem yet?

          I'm having exactly the same problems - no consistency at all. On smaller sites it seems OK but on larger sites (4000+ pages) it's horrendous. Are you working on a set of site files on a network or a standalone machine? Also, is it just you editing files? There are two of us working on the same site and I wondered if that might be the reason?
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            I also have a problem with synchronization. I can edit my sites locally and then tell Dreamweaver to syncronize with my remote site It. It goes through the process and lists files for synchronization. I upload them and then I find that my remote site has not been updated. I too cannot trust it. I habe used Dreamweaver 204, 2004MX and now CS3 and this it the first time I'm having problems. I have to write down page changes and upload manually (including dependant files).
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              I have the same problem. Dreamweaver 6 was the last version I had that worked well. I have CS3 now. Since DW6, FTP and synchonization functions have gotten progressively worse. I can "put" a file, then make some changes and 2 minutes later put it again and Dreamweaver will tell me that the file on the server has changed since my last "put" operation. Give me a break.

              And I constantly get error messages during file transfers and frequently, the remote site file listing will suddenly start disappearing from the screen.

              It's the same server (mine) I've been using for years and the same ftp program on the server and the very same websites, etc. ad nauseum. The only thing that's changed is Dreamweaver.

              I won't buy it again. Nor would I recommend it to anyone. And I've been using it since 1999. It's so bothersome now, I often think of going back to hand-coding and Cuteftp.

              What happened to quality?