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    Kuler wants switchboard... WHERE do I get it????


      Just installed Kuler desxtop, Mac OS X Snow Leaopard. I can't import anything into CS3 because it wants me to install Switchboard. I click the link and I get the Adobe Labs page, which tells me the project is closed. I see no links to download prior versions.


      So, uh....what do I DO???


      Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

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          aolenskie Adobe Employee

          Hi Joe, apologies for the delay in answering (took a while to track down someone knwoledgeable on this).


          It is unfortunate that for CS3, Kuler depends on SwitchBoard (and this dependency wasn't clearly understood internally). We are discussing how best to resolve this, in the meantime, some workaround information from the Kuler team is below.


          Don't hesitate to get in touch if you have further questions/concerns, I'll try to relay them to the right folks.


          Best wishes






          1. Select “Save this theme as an Adobe Swatch Exchange file” 

          2. Load ASE into these apps:


          For AI:

          You can import .ase files downloaded from kuler into Illustrator® CS3. From the Swatches panel pop-up menu, select Open Swatch Libraries > Other Libraries, and navigate to your saved .ase file.  The file will open as a color group in a separate panel labeled with the theme name. To move this color group to the Swatches panel, select the group and drag it to the Swatches panel.


          For PS/ID:

          In Photoshop® CS3 or InDesign® CS3, from the Swatches panel pop-up menu, select Load Swatches, and navigate to your .ase file. Open the .ase file; your colors will appear in the Swatches panel.


          In addition, Adobe Bridge CS3, a component of Creative Suite® 3 as well as individual products, allows you to view your .ase files as visible swatches for easy selection.


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            Radient Frog

            A very relieved CS3 user. Excellent quick workaround Adrian, thank you very much.

            Is there, however, any likelihood there may be a option for CS3 users to have access to an old version of Switchboard perhaps?

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              aolenskie Adobe Employee

              Hi, I haven't heard of any plans, and I'm not really sure if there are any cost/negative implications in doing this (for example, having to involve our legal folks to create an appropriate EULA, or QE etc.).


              Let me at least ask the question, I'll get back to the forum with an answer.