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    How can I get real basics???

    GoldenHistoryBooks Level 1

      I am just starting to work in Catalyst. Although I'm not new to using these types of programs, this is more complex. I'm going through all the tutorials and demos I can find. I'm reading all the help documents and unless I'm missing something it seems like some things that should be really easy aren't discussed anywhere. After spending a couple of hours trying to find some answers, I'm no where.


      Example: I'm just trying to put a couple of pictures in and see how different effects work. I first added a "move" effect, but when I couldn't see a real "how to" to make it work properly I thought I'd try a simple fade in and fade out of my image. Again, no real details on how this should be set up to work. When I decided to try the fades, I wanted to delete the "move" I had in and spent about 2 hours trying to figure out how to delete something from the timeline. Again, no direction.


      So, is there a more complete set of how to instructions somewhere? To me there are glaring holes in how to get started.


      But even in spite of these early difficulities, I really like what I'm seeing, so I'd love for someone to tell me if there's better instruction somewhere.