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    How do I link exported flash buttons created in Flash Pro 8 Flash to pages in Dreamweaver 8?




      I'm fairly new to learning Web Design, and I'm currently teaching myself Dreamweaver and Flash 8.


      I'm working through Dreamweaver fairly well, and I'm now wanted to import Flash buttons I've created myself into Dreamweaver for a website I'm currently building, and it's here that I'm finding the problem. I have been to the 'get URL Function', but it says something about needing to link to a web page? But my problem is how can I link Flash Buttons to a web page, when my site is still being developed and not published? Do I have to publish first? or can I bypass the publishing process? is there anyway to solve this problem? As I say, I'm fairly new to this, so any help would be REALLY appreciated!!


      Thanks again.