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    Please help! Tutorial needed for spinning objects




      I have two images that I need to spin around each other while still facing forward. Does anyone know a good tutorial or a brief explanation?

      Thank you in advance!




      PS>> I am using After Effects CS4:)

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          yenaphe Adobe Community Professional

          The easiest way to achieve this, if I understand you well, would be to create a camera, a null object and your 2 spining layers. Parent your spinning layers to the null object, and move them in z space (activate 3D).


          Then keframe the rotation of the null (also activate 3D btw), your 2 spinning layers will rotate around the null position. But they are not yet facing the camera.


          Select your 2 layers, go to keframe assistant (if I remmember corrrectly) and the orientation. In this menu, select auto aurient toward camera, and that's it.


          Hope that helps,



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            bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

            This type of question usually isn't answered with a tutorial. It's dealt with by trying to point your toward the fundamental functions of the application. Making stuff move in 3D space is about 3 times as difficult as basic motion. Parenting is not hard but it's a difficult leap in how parameters from one object can be used to drive other objects. Using nulls requires understanding both 3D and parenting. Orienting relative to motion paths is covered in most beginning instruction that includes keyframing position.