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    Uploading JPG image

    Koaladot Level 1



      I have been trying to upload an image which is jpg format.


      Firstly, I created an image using Flash CS4 and exported in a jpg format.


      I then inserted the jpg image on a http page which was created using Dreamweaver CS4.


      After I uploaded both files (jpg and http), I checked the website.


      What I saw was two separate pages as below:


      Index of /

      ·      xxxx.html

      ·      xxxx.jpg



      The HTTP page shows only text but not image, while the jpg shows image without text.


      How can I put them in one page??

      Please help!!

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          Ken Binney-GnPIX3 Level 4

          When you see "index of /" it indicates that the address you typed in the browser was uanble to find the default page name as specified by your Hosting company (usually "index.html or default.html)  Rename your xxxx.html page.


          Alternatively, type the full URL (including the page name) you uploaded i.e xxxx.html


          Please post a link to any troublesome pages you are asking about.

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            Koaladot Level 1

            Thank you for your advice.


            I have corrected the name of web page.


            It was labeled as index.html and uploaded along with the image.


            There is no "/index of /" and only one page is visible.

            However, I am still unable to view the image.


            the website is www.dottywebsupport.co.uk


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