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    3D Parsing Error when viewing online?


      Having an issue with users trying to view PDFs created with Presenter over our website.

      Acrobat Version Created in: Acrobat Pro Extended 9.3.2

      Acrobat Reader Version Viewed in: Acrobat Reader 9.3.2




      When the file(s) are viewed over the web they fail to launch and cause the web browser to hang as if it's perpetually trying to download/open the file. The file never opens and eventually a popup error appears (3D Parsing Error). But, if the same file(s) are downloaded and viewed locally using the same machine and same version of reader the files execute perfectly.


      What's causing the 3D parsing error to occur over the web? I personally on my machine cannot reproduce this error, I'm the creator of the files and have Full Acrobat 9 Pro Extended. I have reproduced it on users machines with Reader 9.3.2. Could it be an internet setting on the local machine or through something my company's IS department has set? I have not been able to test this outside of our building but plan to after hours today @ home. Until then can someone test these files for me.


      Web Page Link:

      http://us.manitowocbeverage.com/?xhtml=xhtml/mbs/us/en/minisite/servicetraining/onlinetrai ning.html&xsl=minisite.xsl&sidebartitle=Mini%20Sites

      Direct File Links:

      1. Soda,  Water, & Beer Units - ERC Programming

      2. Soda,  Water, & Beer Units - Sequence of Operation

      3. All  Ice/Beverage Dispensers - Ice Bin Cleaning & Maintenance

      Please let me know if you can view these files from the web, thanks!