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    Editing a symbol in library


      I duplicated a "Contact" button, movie clip symbol

      Trying to edit the text "contact" in the new button but the text tied to the old button keeps getting changed.


      I duplicated the text symbol that is tied to original "Contact" button.

      Tried changing the new button again but the link to the old button is the one being changed.


      I can't seem to find where to unlink the text symbol attached to the original button and then add the new text symbols the duplicated button.

      Clear as mud.....



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It's not likely anyone can see what's in front of you, so the only suggestion would be to find all of the symbols that are involved in the button and duplicate them all so that you can create a new button with them.


          One way to determine all the symbols that are involved is to take that button symbol and paste it onto the stage of a new file.  The only things in the library at that point will be the symbols that comprise the button.

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