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    Passing variable into pdf document

    jgaiko Level 1

      I have created a pdf document that I want to share with my marketing team.  However, in the document I want the url to be dynamic and show that individual's url.   For example, if my domain is www.xyz123abc.com   In the pdf, I want to setup the url in the document as www.xyz123abc.com/REPSITE.  Then when the pdf is opened from each individual's site, we will pass the REPSITE variable into the pdf document.   If my marketing page is www.xyz123abc.com/jim.   When someone visits my website and opens the pdf, they will see www.xyz123abc.com/jim.  When my partner Bob's site is visited, the pdf will display www.xyz123abc.com/bob


      So how can I dynamically pass variables from a website into the pdf?