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    Motions won't add to keyframe playlist

      I'm trying to play a keyframe motion on my model.

      The first code I have works fine when the user clicks a button in that it removes the default playlist motion exported by 3DMax and adds 3 motions that 1) plays the first motion through to the end, 2) plays the second motion and loops a portion of it, and 3) plays the last motion through to the end (each motion is based on the same motion just different time portions are played).

      vMember.model("Model 01").keyframePlayer.removeLast()
      vMember.model("Model 01").keyframePlayer.play("Model 01-Key",0,0,1800,1,0)
      vMember.model("Model 01").keyframePlayer.queue("Model 01-Key",1,1800,2200,1,1800)
      vMember.model("Model 01").keyframePlayer.queue("Model 01-Key",0,2200,3333,1,2200)

      Once this code has been executed all the motions have played through to their end, the playlist is then empty.

      My problem is that I want to repeat the 3 motions when the user clicks a button but I can't get the playlist to add any of the motions again. To add the motions to the playlist I use the last 3 lines of code from above.

      Can anyone help?