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    Read Out Loud shortens single words


      Hi, I have Adobe Reader 9.3.2 on PC. READ OUT LOUD (ROL) works fine for pages and documents.


      Here is the problem:

      When ROL reads a single word it removes the last character.To read a single word I switch on ROL and then click in a word. A solid box surrounds the word and then ROL reads the word. Here are some examples. Here is a sample showing where I clicked in the middle of the current text.

      word word 08-06-2010 20-32-33.gif


      word - ROL says: wor (one letter short! Not OK)

      words - ROL says: word (one letter short! Not OK)

      word) - ROL says: word (kind of OK? )

      word! - ROL says: word (kind of OK? )


      Any ideas? To me the problem is that ROL is outlining one character short...

      thx Raphael


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