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    Rendering freezes or crashes in Pr CS5

    timtro Level 1

      I have a project I was working on in PR Pro 1.5 and imported into PR CS5 on a new 64 bit Win 7 Pro machine with 16 GB RAM (Phenom II)  and it keeps locking up (freezes) and at one point I got the blue screen crash.


      There are no effects or transitions at the frame are where it happens, just straight footage. I tried trimming the project, I tried running the project manager. Same problem. It runs other projects ok, but this one is longer. This one is a mix of 720 and 1080, but the problem appears in the 720 section. The green link stops at about 8:32 into a 38 minute project. Unfortunately, this is my most urgent project. The only weak point in this machine is the NVIDIA 9400 card, but that is the video card that was in the PR 1.5 machine running an old Athlon two core 64. I'm in the process of trying to locate a better graphics card but I don't think that is the issue. I also tried running the project in CS4, but it won't even open the CS5 project file. The alternative is to start from scratch or run an earlier project file in PR 1.2, but that's not what I want to hear at this point in the project and after investing in CS5 and a new machine..

      Any suggestions would be very welcomed.


      Nothing like this came up in the search or FAQ that I could see.

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          jeremy d. Level 3



          - you shouldn't expect to be able to open a CS5 project with CS4; maybe it will happen, but often something will not function correctly


          - PPro 1.5 is quite old, say 7-8 years, and things have changed quite a bit. CS5 supports converting projects from CS4 and CS3, but we make no guarantee at all about any previous versions. If you have CS3, you should be able to open your 1.5 project and save it as a CS3 project, which CS5 would then open. Even that has its own risks.

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            timtro Level 1

            I think I'm I may be tracking it down to a damaged AVI file. The program and the hardware worked fine on a test sample 2 hour render.  I have had no problem converting other Pr 1.5 projects into CS5 (I only have CS5 and PR1.5, but not CS3) but I found out quick that road is only one way. If it works when that clip is removed I will simply import that footage again.


            Thanks for the fast reply and stay tuned....

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              timtro Level 1

              It was a bad video clip that brought the whole thing down. Must have been a HD glitch. Wouldn't have thought that could cause something like that. I guess I mostly solved my own problem but I am still grateful for the input and insight from the forum.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                Glad that you found the culprit, especially as this Project has a tight deadline.


                Thanks for reporting your success,



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                  timtro Level 1

                  I downloaded the section from the DV tape, plopped it in where I deleted the other clip, and we're back in business. Something to be said for old school DV tape. That would be difficult to do with a P2.