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    drop down issue.

    ndjustin20 Level 1

      Hey Guys,


      I'm having some issues with the form at the below link.  I want the first dropdown to fill the second drop down which works but the unitPrice field isn't populating by the second dropdowns choice and what is in the wCSMMonth field.  I'm just about bald on this one lol






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          pguerett Level 6

          Your wCSMMonth field does not have a value. You have a caption set to 150 but it has no value. I suggest getting rid of the caption then setting the field to readOnly then the Value property will become active and you can put the default value in there.



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            ndjustin20 Level 1

            I should have just redone the whole FORM at this point.  I didn't even think about the caption.  I was so stuck on the fact that the js wasn't working properly I didn't even think about the actual field again as I knew I changed the field from text to numeric so I figured that part was good.  Thank you again for your help.  I'm learning a ton on here and appreciate all the feedback and support along the way.