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    Why can I no longer print pdf files?


      So, I had Vista and updated last night to Windows 7 Professional.   I did this because I have been unable to print pdf files for the past 8 to 9 months and got tired of forwarding to another computer to print.  Prior to that, no issues printing from any program including reader.  In the meantime, I have uninstalled and reinstalled Reader at least 4 times.  Checked all my settings (won't even print as image only) and I still get blank pages.  When I choose print my computer performs the funtion, but the Adobe "progress" bar doesn't count up from 1 to 100 numerically.  It starts at 1 and then jumps to 50 or 100.  My printer initializes and then nothing but blank pages.  I don't know what else to try so any help would be greatly appreciated!  Also, plain old English would be helpful.  I used to be good at this, but...now just ok.


      Thanks in advance