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    How to code spark custom component with variable number of (skin)parts?


      Hello. I'm trying to code a complex Spark custom component that may have a variable number of parts. To help you understand the requirements, the component can be visualized as an HSlider with a unlimited number of thumbs (as opposed to one).


      How do I, in general, represent these thumbs in the host component as well as the skin? If I had a fixed number of thumbs, say 5, I could easily represent them as 5 button SkinParts declaratively. However, it's not immediately clear to me how to deal with a variable number of them.


      I've studied the HSlider implementation as well as other components and can't find an example that fits this pattern. The closest thing that I can think of is to represent the thumbs as a DataGroup and provide a custom item renderer to render them. Couple that with the general HSlider behaviors that I need to preserve, such as the fairly involved local/global coordinate translations, I don't know whether the approach will work.


      Any better ideas? Thanks.