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    CollapsiblePanel with XML data source

      I've been working with the CollapsiblePanel for the past two nights. I can't make the panel collapse at runtime when I have XML data attached.

      I validated by downloading one of the Adobe Lab CollapsiblePanel samples. I validated that I could make the sample work from my Dreamweaver CS3 environment. Then, I added an XML data source and retested. The panel would not collapse. Then, I took out the XML dataset and retested the CollapsiblePanel. It worked.

      Is this a design feature? I can't imagine this was designed to work this way. I'm trying to create a scrollable div that can collapse. I have everything working except the collapse feature. (BTW: I tried defining a spry:region and spry:detailregion, it didn't seem to matter.)

      <div id="CollapsiblePanel1" class="CollapsiblePanel" spry:region="dsWeek">
      <div class="CollapsiblePanelTab">Standard Collapsible Panel</div>

      <div class="CollapsiblePanelContent">