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    Trying to install 6.1 to read the T2i - but says it isn't a valid upgrade


      Read on, but would removing folder 1.0 in Win 7 solve this problem - it has been mentioned before - Adobe tech support told me i had to install on drive c where vista is which I thought was an anser to give just because they didn't know - ihave Win 7 on N and everything worked until this mess.


      I had installed CS5 as trial and installed Camera Raw 6.1 - everything worked fine.


      Then I bought and registered CS5, uninstalled CS4 and suddenly LR 2.7 didn't find CS5 as an external editor - even after a reboot and there was no apparent way to make it do that.


      So, I uninstalled CS5 and reinstalled and it showed up in LR 2.7.


      Now, however, CS5 does not recognize my Canon T2i files as it says the Camera Raw version does not support the file format. It did before i bought and registered in the extended version but when i put the new serial number in and it went from extended the regular version, it stopped being able to read the files.


      My version in about and plugins is in CS5 now


      I have downloaded and attempted to install the camera raw 6.1 updater several times - it says some updates failed to install- update is not applicable.


      Tech support says that is the newest version.


      In my trial version, the updater installed, i could read T2i files but now it won't install and i can't read my T2i files.


      I can go through Lightroom which seems to read them OK - I even resinstalled LR 2.7


      What can I do? I want to be able to read some files directly in PS CS5 from the T2i files.





      Greg Summers