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    Getting subdirectory names to show up in address bar


      Hello all! I will make this as short and sweet as possible. Our org is part of a university, and our website runs on the university server. HOWEVER, our domain is registered through Yahoo to give us more flexibility and independence. Of course, our domain name "www.potomacacademy.org/" is what shows up in the address bar of a browser when someone goes to our home page/index page. For some reason, no matter what specific page one visits, the title in the address bar never changes, ie no "subdirectory" folder/file names ever appear. The Yahoo customer service site only specifies how to alter this IF we are using their web hosting package (which we don't). So, is there a way for me to change this on my end, in the local site or remote (university server) site? Thanks for your insights- and minor heckling if appropriate.