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    GTX 480's on sale at Dell for $365 (thru June 10th)




      Well, maybe I can be of help myself. I'm new 'round here and hope my listing a hardware deal in this forum isn't a faux pas. I wanted as many PPro CS5 users as possible to see it here in this forum. For all I know, listing deals anywhere on this Adobe site is a no-no - so, sorry if I'm wrong in this!


      I just bought a GTX 480 for $364 plus tax at Dell.... EVGA model 015-P3-1480-AR.


      The sale has not fully completed as I type this, but shows as being far enough along in my PayPal account to have me think it is legit, plus I've gotten a confirmation email from Dell. All that might trip it up now is Dell being out-of-stock come shipping time.


      I do not have an account or other special treatment from Dell. I think anyone can get in on this.


      A coupon code for 30% off computer accessories makes it happen. The code is supposed to be good through June 10th. I doubt the stock will last that long. There are a number of exclusions, including monitors, but the code still covers quite a bit.


      Code: HHM4QNZ3303N1Z


      I found this info at "Slickdeals.net". Go to their website and hunt down the deal through a search. I'd link to it, but can't figure out how and wanted to get this up fast.


      Good luck!


      Joel E.