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    does RH WebHelp ftp in passive mode?

      I use RH5 Webhelp's publish feature to push files to one host server -- no problem. When I try to use the identical procedure to push those same files to another server, I can't establish a connection. Tech suport at that host says that they only accept ftp in "passive mode" and RoboHelp doesn't publish that way.

      The error message I receive says "Publishing aborted. 200 Type is now 8-bit binary. 200 Port command successful. 425 Could not open data connection to port 5004. Connection timed out."

      When I try again at the first host - no problem.

      (Also, as a workaround, when I try and drag files to the second site using CUte ftp to bypass RoboHelp publishing, I get the skin with TOC and Search, but no topic page.)

      Any ideas?
        • 1. does RH WebHelp ftp in passive mode?
          Brian.Mccaffery Level 1
          Hello Alan,

          Welcome to the forum.

          Generally, this would point to the server using the same port on its side. The reference to passive mode is an option, not a necessity this allows the server to accept the new job (your ftp) when the port is free.

          Assuming you have used this feature successfully in the past, I would check to see if any changes have been made on the server side; updated firewall, patches applied, new jobs running etc.

          For passive mode, you would have to check your ftp settings. Can't check that here, so if any one can advise, please jump in.

          Hope this helps, at least a bit ,