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    RTMFP multimedia only??

    kkm19 Level 1

      wow, I love RTMFP very much, that is great for deaf ppl like me.


      I have a question, is that possible like chat sending of the string or file through RTMFP??


      if the beta is finish, then is stratus software is free?

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          NetStreams (client-server, 1:1 direct connections and P2P multicast) support sending video, audio, and data.  you can send data with NetStream.send().


          "Adobe Stratus beta" is our free (of charge) hosted RTMFP rendezvous service for experimental, non-commercial use.  we have not announced an end to the "beta" period, nor the availability of the software components of the Stratus service.