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    Run/debug question

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      I have a simple question.


      I've made a flash project in flash builder 4 which contains 2 applications. Lets call them MainApplication and LoadedApplication. As you can guess the MainApplication loads the LoadedApplication. Ok so without going into detail what I want to accomplish is to: when I press F11 to debug I don't want it to launch the LoadedApplication if it's currently selected, I want it to launch the default application which is the MainApplication always! I still want them both export new swfs when I hit F11 but I want to always launch the MainApplication, since I have code there that is required for the LoadedApplication.


      Is that possible ? I tried to read some tutorials for configuring the run/debug settings but could make that work.


      Any suggestions ?

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          I'm pretty sure you can use the "organize favorite" to do this.

          Just at the right of the Debug button, click on the arrow, then "Organize Favorites..."

          Then you can add the configurations you'd like to see first on your configuration list.

          You can also add many configuration and mode them using the "up" and "down" button.

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            Hi, thanks for the reply.


            I go to external tools > organize favorites and then when I click add I don't have any launch configurations to add...


            So how do I create a launch configuration? I tried to select the project debug -> other and delete the LoadedApplication, but as soon as I select that application and press F11, it pops up right back there. I am confused...