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    FlexUnit4 ant task and Air 2.0 NativeProcess


      Can I use FlexUnit4's ant task to test APIs using Air 2.0's  NativeProcess?


      I am trying to test an application which makes calls to native code using Air 2.0's NativeProcess.  In order to use this I need to add a supported profiles setting to the application descriptor "<supportedProfiles>extendedDesktop</supportedProfiles>" and I don't see a place where I can override the flexUnitDescriptor.template as an ant command parameter.  I could recompile the ant task so the template descriptor has the settings I need, but thought I'd check to see if there's an easier way.


      Thanks in advance.



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          legrosb Level 3

          @Paul - This would be a feature request for the Ant task, so we won't be able to get this in until 4.2 since we just locked down new features for 4.1 beta.  Fortunately, there is a stop gap that is much simpler than rebuilding the JAR.  At the end of the day, the JAR is just a zip.  Create your own version of the template (using the current one as a basis) and just unzip the jar and replace the flexUnitDescriptor.template file.  From there the new template should be used w/o an issue.  If you could go into JIRA and enter a feature request for user provided descriptor, we'll try to get it into the roadmap for 4.2 (https://bugs.adobe.com/jira/browse/fxu).  Hope this helps.



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