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    Connect Flash to Serial Port with Local Socket Connection

    BSpero Level 1
      Hey all,
      So, I am trying to connect a Flash movie to a serial port and have it react to the input coming in. Of course, Flash does not have this capability built in, so I need a workaround. I also program in Director, and there are easier ways to deal with this there, but since there hasn't been an update in years, and for other technical reasons, I would like to use a pure Flash program. I also need to take advantage of some of the new hardware acceleration improvements and horizontal sync issues that come with running the Flash player full screen. So, there are some tools out there that will let me stream the input from the serial port to a web address. I figure I could use the local address and assign a port number, then use Flash to create a local socket connection. I am having issues opening ports on my computer, and a few other things, but in theory, I think it should work. I know that I won't get all the answers here, but if anyone has done anything of the sort, or might know of some similar projects, it would really help. I am more of a Director/Flash programmer, and not so much one on the system level. So, opening local sockets, etc, while I am sure I can figure it out, is still a bit beyond me. Thanks all!

      - Bruce