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    Importing from Illustrator into AE


      Hey there,


      Having some issues when importing from illustrator to AE.  I have a load of text grouped into words in AI and when I import the file into AE I chose 'composition - cropped layers' so I can move around each object in AE.  However in AE the layers show up in the project window as little black boxes.  When I open the composition of the AI file it's just a blank composition with all the layers in the timeline window.  I don't know why the text isn't showing up?


      In AI all of the layers are individual layers (they aren't all under layer 1 in the layer window).  Can't work out what I'm doing wrong.


      Hope someone can help!




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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What text? What font? What appearance settings? Is it outlined or live text? If outlined, have any compound paths and groups been properly sorted and released, where necessary? Are there any bitmap effects applied to the artwork?



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            bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3

            I've seen this on my machine. The AI file came in as black text on black backgrounds.

            User error in AI, changed text color..



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              lomolover Level 1

              Hi there.


              I really have no idea what the issue is..  I did the following.  Copied my text from notepad, pasted it into AI, changed it to 'arial', TYPE > Create Outlines, ungrouped the text, grouped each word, went to LAYERS > OPTIONS > Release to layers (Sequence), in AE I imported the AI file as 'Composition - Cropped Layers.  Then it just came up as the blocks.  As a simple test I went through the same process with a new file with simple the word HELLO and it worked fine. 


              The only cause I can think of is maybe because I copied the text from Notepad?   The font I originally chose in AI was Helvetica Neue.  Maybe the font wasn't applicable to AE?