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    ade will not read acsm file....thought thats what its made for


      I downloaded ade and still cannot open a acsm file.  right clicking the file and then using open with ....theres no adobe digital in my programs list so therefore adobe reader is the only thing i can use. I have ade downloaded ...i have even uninstalled and reinstalled and still doesnt show up in the programs list for the open with...


      this makes no sense to me....my file is here, ade is here but cant get them together.   Nothing works.  i even went to default programs to associate file type or protocol with programs ....the acsm files will only associate with adobe reader does not give choice program for ade even though i have it installed. then when i scroll down to the epub files i can change between adobe digital and adobe reader. so see its there for epub files but not acsm files ( isnt ade for acsm files specifically?)....really really p**** me off.   what am i doing wrong? this ebook stuff is too difficult for me and i probably will never use this again...i prefer an actual book anyway...this is ridiculous


      If anyone can help me that would be great if not then i will just get in my real car and drive to a real library with real people and real books!

        • 1. Can't get Google eBooks to open with ADE

          I'm having the same problem I think. I've downloaded ADE and installed it to my MAc (Os 10.4.11), I've added two free books from the Adobe site (not acsm files), and now I'm trying to open a Google eBook with ADE and I can't get it to open. They won't open if I open them with the program, I can't select them if I try to "add to library," and if I drag and drop the application opens but nothing happens.

          At one point I received this error: Error getting license Server communication problem: E_ADEPT_IO

          I don't get that every time. I tried renaming my "restore" folder, as one commentor suggesteed . . . no change.

          It's very frustrating.


          Thanks for the help!

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            Same problem - no help from Adobe either - really useless. I want to get ebooks from the library and I can get them onto my desktop but not

            into digital editions - it gives me an Error #2038 when I try to add a new book to the library. Only PDF files worked and I don't need ADE for them!


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              Not sure if you have found the answer but for your information the .acsm file is a key and link to the actual epub document.  It is not the book itself.  When you run the acsm file and download the book to your computer it will store the actual **.epub file in your user location under "my documents/my digital editions/**.epub


              When that is done your ADE will be able to add it to the library.


              Hope that helps if you haven't already found the answer.

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                shaunapratt Level 1

                Ok - thanks. I understand what you're saying, but how do I "run" the acsm file and download the book to my computer? What is the missing link? When I double click on it it opens up ADE. And that's as far as it goes.

                I have

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                  kgriffall Level 1

                  Sorry Shuana that wasn't very clear.  I will tell you how it works on my computer and then hopefully it is the same on yours.  All I do is checkout a book from my local library (Salt Lake County) and when I check it out it sends an .acsm file to my computer.  At that point all I do is open that file (by double clicking on my windows computer not a mac) and when I open the file it automatically is opened by ADE (adobe digital editions) and it shows up in my library view.  What happens I think is that it goes out to the Adobe File Server with the key from the ACSM file and sees that I have the right to view that book.  It then makes the actual .epub file in the 'my documents/my digital editions/' folder.   At that point (pretty instentaneous on my system) I can read the book in ADE.   If that is not what happens for you then we need to look at other problems you might be having.   Hope that helps but if not I am happy to try and get it to work for you. - Keith

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                    shaunapratt Level 1

                    Thanks Keith. I do exactly the same steps - borrow the book from the Library and it appears on my Desktop, double click and ADE opens - but it doesn't show the new book anywhere in the library view or in downloads or in borrowed. When I do try to drag and drop it or open it "through" ADE, I get this error message (which is why I think the ADE is the problem).



                    10 Error on local file open






                    Event Detail:

                    Error #2038


                    It does this every time.

                    I have successfully uploaded pdf files (but I don't need ADE to read them) and other books from online sources. But the library is definitely something I want to use as a source for my Kobo.

                    : { Shauna

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                      kgriffall Level 1

                      Well, that isn't good.  If you search for error# 2038 on this forum you will at least see that you have a lot of company.  As copied from this post it seems to be an error outside of ADE but somehow related to the ACSM file talking to the server which host the book files:


                      May 5, 2010 7:24 AM in response to:                                     Valeff Re: Error #2038

                      No, but reinstalling ADE won't do anything to fix the error.  Error 2038 is a generic error code that indicates a networking problem, the most common cause of which if your are in the process of getting a new book, is that you are unable to reach the server that the book is being hosted on.


                      Of course that doesn't help much but it would be interesting to see if you could get it on another computer or in another way if that is possible.  I am using a work computer that runs on Windows XP and a very fast internet connection which could make a difference but I can also get books very easily on my Droid X phone so not sure what to say.  I guess you could unload everything that relates to ADE and all the books you may have already and see if you could download another book.  Or maybe it would be worthwhile to try and download a free book from some other place that uses epub and see if that works.


                      Not sure what to do since it either seems to work or doesn't.   Let me know if you think of anything or if something else works.  Good luck and if I hear of anything that works for the #2038 error I will let you know.   It seems like they should consolidate all the references to error #2038 into one thread on this forum.


                      Sorry - Keith

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                        kgriffall Level 1

                        After looking around a bit it appears that the error #2038 is a very generic I/O problem with the files over the internet.  10 error on Local File Open is again a windows error that can mean various things but apparently in your case stops the process when it can't open or work with the local file (presumably the ACSM file) because it has a problem with connecting it to the Adobe Server 4 where it needs to get the information.


                        There are as many questions about this as there are possible answers but it seems to be related to either 1. Flash 2. your firewall 3. your operating system or file permissions 4. your virus software or perhaps which side of the bed you got out of this morning!   This is an example of the solutions which seem to be on a case by case basis:


                        4. Feb 8, 2010 8:00 AM in response to:                                     (David_Beale)


                        Re: Error#2038

                        hey a client of mine had this problem with his computer..


                        he bought a ebook but when he tryed to open it with ADE it gave the famous error...


                        so i ran the program as a admin... i authorised his account.. ( adobe-ID )


                        and the download started and the book opened !!!


                        hope this helps some of you..


                        grtz Robert



                        My guess is that you need to find a computer that works and see if you can figure out which part of your system is keeping it from working.   Make sure you Flash is the latest version, that your operating system has all the updates and that your virus program or firewall is not blocking communication with the Adobe Server or the ADE program.   Sounds like and interesting problem but not an easy answer. 

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                          I'm having the exact same problem ADE. I download the acsm link and when I try to open it ADE opens up but doesn't do anything!

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                            shaunapratt Level 1

                            Yeah - and good luck asking for help - you end up in a circular vortex that ultimately tells you to go back to where you started and spend another hour following the prompts! It is enough to make me want to get another kind of e-reader - but I don't think it's the Kobo's fault - I'll go to the Library to see if we can sort it out there.