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    Fireworks CS4 showing incorrect color in PSD file

    tdriley Level 1



      When I open a PSD with Fireworks, it shows colors differently than they were in Photoshop. What's up with that?


      For example, I have been sent a Photoshop design which (when opened with Fireworks) has a background color of #3D3E3E. After the client pointed out that I'd used the wrong color in my code and should be using #2f3030, I got on a PC with Photoshop on and it showed the background correctly as #2f3030.


      Needless to say I don't want to spend $700 on Photoshop just to be able to open PSDs and check the color is correct. Is there any way to ensure Fireworks is showing the correct color?


      Thanks to anyone who can help.