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    Colors for broadcasting on TV show

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      I have made animation film, what have PSD files (photograpihies of drawings with ADOBE RGB 1998 color profile) inside of it. When I wached in ADOBE Premiere Pro CS4 howe it will be looking with TV broadcastong colors, the look was very bad, sou when I was trying to made colors to look good in that TV broadcasting look, I leaved normal color look because colors looked too bad in that look. When animation film was broadcasted on TV show it looked as it was looking with TV broadcasting color look on Premiere Pro - like too bright an with too big saturation because colors and the brightness of those colors ( luma and chroma ) are different for TV broadcast. I would like to know, howe to shange colours of photographies of drawings to look good in TV broadcastong colours look, because to change them for TV in simple way (by curves, etc) result was too bad.