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    Os control Xtra - change the fontcolor of radio button

    wgb14 Level 1
      Hi all,

      A question for OSControl xtra users

      Is there any way to change the font color of the label in a radio button? The fontrcolor property of the control seems to be Read only. If there is nothing straightforward a workaround would also be nice. Many thanks
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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          The OSControl Xtra is designed to create interfaces which adapt to the end-user's Operating System. It uses the colors chosen by the user for the System interface. If you want to create radio buttons with a color other than that chosen by the end-user, then you will need to use a different approach. You might find something that you can customize at LingoWorkshop: http://www.lingoworkshop.com/Codelib/One_Sprite_Widgets.php
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            wgb14 Level 1

            As I am the one that is controlling the OS (my application is not commercial).. do you have any idea how do i change the color of the radio buttons text label from the OS itself? I mean which interface element is that, that controls the color of the radio button's text label? I am using wndows xp pro. Thanks
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              Level 7
              By default, Windows does not provide too many tools to make changes to
              those UI Widgets. And nothing that I know of to change the Radio
              Buttons specifically. The place you make these changes is in the
              Display Properties. Right click on the desktop and go to properties.
              Click on the Appearance tab. Here you can change the theme using the 3
              dropdown menus. Hit the advanced button to get to some other settings.
              The Radio Buttons are controlled by the theme. In XP, you have 2
              themes to choose from. That's it.

              There are 3rd party programs, like WindowBlinds that allow you to make
              your own themes, and it is possible to hack some Windows DLLs to allow
              more options.

              All of this is probably way more work than it is worth to just change
              the font of radio buttons in your project. I would recommend you use
              the one-sprite widgets that OpenSpark mentioned (those are
              super-powerful once you get them to work), or make your own radio button
              graphics out of normal Director bitmap graphics.