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    Render an entire project in one go...


      Hi everybody,


      Working in many sequences, HD and layers sometimes create rendertime of 40 min or more - even for a 4-7 minute sequence. Later in the project, I decided to change one of my presets, which in turn required a new rendering of the entire project. Having done this a couple of times now, I seem to miss a "Render all sequences" feature, that allows me to leave and do something else.


      As it is, I have to constantly monitor progress, not to waste time while selecting next sequence and so forth. It would be nice to leave it overnight - but unless I have missed this function, that is not possible.


      Anyone else have these thoughts - or a solution?


      Kind regards,



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Have you considered rendering only the master sequence?

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            Nicketlareriksen Level 1

            Hi Harm,


            I just jumped onto Premiere CS5 and have very little experience with it - yet. Please excuse me for asking the obvious...but it sound like I'm missing something quite elemental in building the projects in Premiere. I don't have a Master sequence that I know of.


            These are individual training sessions in one project. Much like the training video's on Adobetv.com - just not from different vendors....


            Thanks - I look forward to getting eyeballed :-)



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              Harm Millaard Level 7



              I will really pay off if you understand the concept of nested sequences, but also its limitations. Start with the Help file and use online tutorials like Lynda.


              Let's say you have a project with an intro, main movie, aftro and trailer. Four different parts that comprise your total production.


              Each part is a sequence. While editing each part, you may want to preview that in RT, so you render that sequence.


              On delivery, you want all those different parts in one single movie, so you create a new 'Master' sequence and drag the individual sequences, Intro, Main, Aftro and Trailer into the Master sequence to comprise the total production, you 'nest' the individual sequences into the master sequence.


              The problem is that rendering on individual sequences do not carry forward (of backwards) to this new sequence. If you want to preview the total you have to render again, but most people refrain from doing that, since they have already seen the individual parts and do not need to see it again, and secondly, because the render files are not used on export.


              Hope this explains it a bit.

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                Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Harm, I think  he's saying that he has x number of sequences that will become x number of movies.


                Is there a render all sequences option?  (don't use CS4 or CS5 yet).

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                  jeremy d. Level 3

                  No, we do not have a render queue.


                  I am curious, though, how changing one preset could force the render of multiple sequences. What preset would that be?

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                    Jeff Bellune Adobe Community Professional

                    The OP needs to clarify: is he rendering or exporting?


                    If exporting, he can start the AME on its own and add as many Pr sequences as he wants all at once.  If rendering, then either add all of the sub-sequences to a master sequence and render that as Harm said, or just skip the render altogether unless the individual sequences won't play back at or near real-time.



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                      jeremy d. Level 3

                      Yeah, I was waffling, but I decided to take the OP's description at face value.

                      Hopefully it's exporting.

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                        Nicketlareriksen Level 1

                        Thanks all of you,


                        I really appreciate the activity on this forum! Very effective.


                        Let me clarify: I have several sequences as part of a training course. Each sequence will be exported individually and presented as part of an elearning package on the web in HD. Though sequences can be watched from an end, they also allow for direct selecting as individual videos.


                        So I don't have any need for nesting (thanks for that comment too) in this case - nor a master sequence. If I need to make a different export for some reason, I will do it like you propose.


                        One of the reasons I bought Premiere is the fantastic keying possibilities (amongst others) as really effective Green screen is something, I have struggled with earlier and it just never reached this level. The reason I mention this, is that this is one of the filters, that I saved as a preset and then wanted to change it. Premiere makes it very easy to shift select and drop the changed filter onto the track and on multiple "files" at the same time. This is really effective as well. However, since I also have layers, I can't play (even on 12GB RAM, muliticore etc.) in full resolution. To see the colouradjustments, keying, screencaptures behind the speaker etc. I need to render. Secondly I decided to lighten some dark areas in a "black suit" on the speaker.


                        Changing anything (Fast colour correction) or whatever at a later stage in a project is *very* easy, but I have to sit and wait, rendering one sequence at a time. Rendering doesn't happen in the background and so I find myself sitting there for hours :-) Grapping a cup of coffee of course, but you know what I mean.


                        This is the reason I ask. Exporting to AME works great without rendering first, but this will not give me a "preview" of the whole thing.


                        This is more in the "practical niche" and not vital in any serious way. But in my case it would be a great timesaver to "Render all".


                        But again - thanks to all of you!