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    Dual monitors Photoshop CS5 error (Win 7)

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      I'm a webdesign using photoshop on a dual monitor set up on a windows 7. With all my tools on the left side and the document that I'm working on the right in full screen mode. But when i open a new document or open photoshop again after it has been minimized the document gets cut off so that i can see what is behind photoshop. And it's stays that way until i press "f" to get the document back to window mode and then back to full screen mode.


      What do i do to addressee this issue?


      Have attachede a screen dump so you can see what i mean



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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          The more or less "standard" advice is to update your video drivers from the video card manufacturer.


          Beyond that, as a workaround you might consider changing your mode of operations to put the Photoshop main window on the right monitor, and open images in that window, pulling all the tools and palettes off of Photoshop and leaving them free-standing on the other monitor.  That's how I have always worked, and Photoshop seems to like opening documents in the main window, and it works for both tabbed and windowed modes.  I have always had the impression that's how Adobe expects us to use it.



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            Sorry but tried that but still the same result.



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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              Interesting, and definitely not something I've seen.  Are you using Full Screen mode here?  I ask because I normally work windowed, with the Photoshop window almost covering the entire screen.


              And did you check for updated video drivers?


              Last but not least, you might want to try clearing your Photoshop prefs file...  Ctrl-Shift-Alt as quickly as possible after starting Photoshop and answer the prompt to reinit the prefs file.  That's a shot in the dark though.



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                Hmm i maybee fund why it does it when you turn off the option that new documents shall open in tabs, the error shows up. But the question is why it does it. I have updated alle my video drivers. See if you can't replaycate the error by turning off new new documents in tabs function.


                It could be really nice if there was a fix.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  Something's wrong on your system.  I have used both tabbed and windowed views (via the setting you mention) and do not see what you're seeing.  When I open a new document, it's in a tab or window nicely situated in the main Photoshop window.  Here's a screenshot of having done it both ways:






                  I understand your hope to jump directly to a "fix", but since the problem clearly does not exist on other systems, without more information Adobe is not going to be able to fix your particular setup.



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                    No i dont want to jump directly to a fix. I could just be great if there was some one with the same problem there has a fix.


                    But i actully dont think you have done the same thing as i have. try this.


                    1. turn off "open new document in a tab" function


                    2. Open a document and get it in full screen by tapping the "F" key.


                    3. Create a new document.


                    How does that document opens, correctly or like mine?

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                      Noel Carboni Level 8

                      I did exactly as you said.  The image opened on the same monitor as I had had the prior image open on, and nothing is corrupted.


                      I tried this with images in windows and full screen (F) on both left and right monitors (the latter case with the palettes hidden).  Everything worked as expected.  Only thing I didn't try is moving the Photoshop main window to my right monitor.


                      What video card do you have?


                      I'll go out on a limb and say that the latest video drivers (i.e., those on your system) still have a bug in them having to do with supporting dual monitors.  I suggest you nail down a very specific sequence of step by step operations that can be used to reproduce the problem and contact the video driver maker.



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                        Noel Carboni Level 8

                        FYI the above was on Photoshop CS5 64 bit.  I just tried it on the 32 bit variant and...  No problem there either.  Sorry.



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                          I have a GeForce GTS 250 card.


                          And the steps i wrote before produces the error every time. And the error allso rests in my home pc. and that is a completly different system on xp and another vido card.

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                            Well Well I have found the solution and the error my self. The fault was that i have two monitors and the one is a wide screen and there for have a larger screen resolution. The small screen is my primary screen in windows. And when i open a new document on the large screen in full mode it reset to the small screen resolution.


                            So the fix is to set the large screen to primary windows screen and that fixed it.

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                              Noel Carboni Level 8

                              Rather than a problem you've caused, it does sound like a bona fide bug somewhere, which I'm not seeing because my monitors are identical.


                              Glad you found a workaround!



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                                I also have had this same issue where i open photoshop cs5 up in windows 7 on my laptop that has a second monitor attached. The phenomenon that happens is where i do not see the art board in the center of photoshop even if i use the "F" key or moving photoshop from one screen to the other.



                                I found that when the second monitor is disabled and then re-enabled this fixes the issue. However it is annoying toggeling to single screen to merge everyting back into photoshop so it work as usual. Perhaps adobe will have an update for this in the future.


                                a quick way to toggle screen in windows 7 is to press the windows key + X to open the windows mobility center. from there you can toggle the monitor on and off.


                                Screen shots:


                                Windows key + X > (disable screen)




                                Fixed! - if you toggle back to extended it will also still work.


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                                  What your first screenshot shows is a video card driver bug (note the duplicated status bar and scroll areas).

                                  Update your video card driver from the GPU maker's web site (not Microsoft).

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                                    I am having the exact same problem as cmgtbone03.


                                    I start up Photoshop CS5 on my Windows 7 machine driving two monitors. The image window is empty, displaying whatever is behind it. This is the same on either monitor. But when I click the window and drag it, the image displays, but only until I release the mouse button.


                                    I just updated the drivers for both monitors (both Dell: one wide screen the other standard) and verified that the video card driver is up to date. I also recalibrated the display, but now every time I start Photoshop it tells me that the calibration file is corrupt and that I need to run the calibration program again. Not sure how to clear that error.


                                    I tried cmgtbone03's workaround and it works. But yes, it's annoying to have to do that every time I want to work in Photoshop.