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    "Console" view keeps reopening itself

    Adam Cameron. Level 5


      I like my text editor environment to be fairly spartan: a file-system listing and a big empty white bit to type code in.  I have every single other view closed unless I need them (and generally I don't, except the search view).


      One view I have never had the wont to look at is the "console" view.  I don't care what it has to say, and it's never really been relevant to what I'm doing or remotely interesting, and just wastes space. If I was to have it open, that is.  Which I do not.


      However periodically, CFB decides "oh, he won't be able to see this banal and pointless telemetry message unless I reopen the console view, so I'll reopen it".


      Can you please not do that?  If a view is closed, it should stay closed until I decide to open it.  That's the whole point of having the capability of opening and closing things.