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    including SWC libraries

    kilyas2007 Level 1
      I have a project named FlexAlpha which is dependant on some third party SWC files. These files have been placed under lib folder in another project called FlexStaticLibs.

      Now in project FlexAlpha when I include this SWC files in Flex Library Path, they are included but as an absolute path. This absolute path can be different on different machines. SInce both the projects are in the same workspace, is there a way to include these SWC files using relative paths. Apparently flex doesn't allow you to do that. Or else is there a work around for this problem.
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          peterent Level 2
          I believe this is what you are looking for: In Flex Builder, go to the Windows menu and open Preferences. Then open the "General" node and then open "Workspace" inside of that. Click the "Linked Resource" item.

          In the form that appears, you can add new path variables such as THIRDPARTYLIBs and give it the local location of the swcs. This would be different on each machine, but the Flex Library Path can be set with the variable you create - notice how FRAMEWORKS appears in the Flex Library Path.

          May be someone will have a better idea.