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    Off screen Preferences Dialog


      So i just installed Illustrator CS5 in Windows 7.  I go to Edit -> Preferences -> Units and the dialog looks like it is trying to draw off screen.  I have a dual monitor (dual 1920x1200 screens) setup.  I have tried moving the 2nd display around to find the dialog box appearing off screen to no avail.  I have also deleted all of my Adobe Preferences under c:\Users\<username>\AppData\*\Adobe with no change.


      I also tried disabling my second screen to see if it may be creating the issue.


      I've tried Alt+Space, M, Arrow keys to move it back on the screen.  All i get is an impossibly tall "Warning Icon'ed" Popup box that if i press Enter goes away.  I have also tried Alt+Space+Enter as suggested by adobe for CS and CS2 under windows xp for this kind of issue to no luck.


      Additionally i have uninstalled and reinstalled the entire Creative Suite to no luck.  All of the other applications in the suite seem fine.


      Lastly i tried calling adobe support only to find a 50 minute wait.  So is there an Adobe Email support or anyone know how to find the invisible dialog?


      Any ideas?