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    Where are the "real" x and y values?

      I have a scrolling container with a height around 2400. As the container scrolls, the x and y values cycle through from 0 to, apparently, whatever the screen resolution height is. While there must be a good reason for this, positioning things that need to be dragged around the container seems impossible.

      I've tried the following:

      event.stageY (mouse event)

      all with the same results. How do I find the actual x and yposition of the mouse within the container?
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          jfillman Level 1
          My assumption was, of course, that these values represent only the screen size, however, this can be somewhat misleading. Say you have a resolution of 1280x 900. If you are dragging an item that bleeds off the TOP of your container, the mouseY can have a value of 1275, for example. If you take the same object and drag it to the bottom of your container, the object can also have a mouseY value of 1275.