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    Bug(?) Type Coercion failed: cannot convert myCustomType to myCustomType when using modules

    fosrias Level 1

      Bizarre bug(?) I am facing in that a type error is being cast where it says my custom type can't be cast to itself, but it recognizes the type in the error message. Here it is:


      TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert com.fosrias.core.events::StateEvent@1451b699 to com.fosrias.core.events.StateEvent.


      This error is not raised if I use an application as a wrapper for the component it is associated with, but it does if I use a module. Seems something is not completely initialized in the module or something. If it matters, this is occuring in a method.apply() call where the type is passed in as a parameter and it is the correct type for the method argument.


      Any ideas?