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    ConstraintColumn - addEventListener for 'set width'




      In my main app I create a few ConstraintColumn instances. I am trying to listen for the

      widthChanged event that gets dispatched when the width is set/changed.


      The code from Adobes ConstraintColumn.as class that dispatches the event I want

      to listen for is shown below.


      I know I can extend the class and override the set width function, but I was thinking

      there must be a way to access this dispatched event directly!


      Any ideas?



           *  @private
          public function set width(value:Number):void
               if (explicitWidth != value)
                    explicitWidth = value;
                    if (_width != value)
                         _width = value;
                         if (container)
                         dispatchEvent(new Event("widthChanged"));