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    Slideshow Background


      Hello all,



         I'm wondering if anyone would know how to change the background colour of a flash slide-show.  I am trying to post a slide-show on a website, but some of the pictures do not fit the box well and, as a result, there are black bars surround them.  Is there a way that I can change the background colour so that it blends with the background colour of the website?



         Any help would be greatly appreciated.






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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If it is truly the background color of the Flash file, you should be able to specify that in the html embedding code.  Just look for the bgcolor parameter in the html code that embeds the Flash file and change it to match the web page color.


          IF it is not the actual background of the file, but is some kind of graphic within the file, then you'dneed to edit the Flash file.