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    Basic Help Needed - Exporting


      Hi everyone!


      I am currently drawing a 1600X900 interface for a touchscreen system. I am using illustrator to make the buttons, but I have an issue. The touchscreen program will only upload buttons as an image (anything besides .png simply looks awful), so I need to export JUST certain images of certain buttons in illustrator. My question...


      Is there a way to export a certain selection/object/layer in illustrator? I am currently running CS4. I know I can copy and paste each object onto a new print and export - but when the .png is uploaded it has a border (even if its translucent). Again, there are buttons so I need the full image and nothing else.



      Also, for a more complicated question;


      When I began the illustrator document, I chose 1600x900 pixels in hope that the buttons would appear smooth on the touchscreen program. Should I perhaps lower the pixels since the actual buttons may only take up a tiny fraction of the whole 1600x900 screen? I've never really imported my work into 3rd party programs - this is new to me.


      Thanks so much!

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          There is a plug-in that exports layers to .png


          Apologies that I don't have a link for you; I use it at work.  I will login from work and if you haven't found it, I'll give you more detail.


          I will say it works great and has been a life saver working on a UI with hundreds of pieces that have required strategic export.


          Hope this helps in the interim.



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            yayitzjon Level 1

            I appreciate it. I was really hoping that there would be a simple way to do it in illustrator. I'm a bit more concerned about getting rid of any type of border or excess page room than anything. I supposed I could open each in photoshop and magic wand the white areas off - although this seems like a lot of work for something that I'm sure there is a solution to

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              lasynth Level 1

              Loading a plug-in, then exporting to layers...if there's a more simple solution, I'd certainly love to hear it. 


              Don't fear the plug-ins, they're here to help.


              Once you load the plug-in, there will be a new menu item for you in Illustrator.  At that point, simply clicking the "Export Layers to .png" option exports all visible layers to the .pngs you want, perfectly sized 1:1 with your art, perfectly cropped, named to the name of your layers and ready to go.

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                yayitzjon Level 1

                Sounds neat - is it free?