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    Illustrator CS4 - 20+ second lag when tabbing back


      Hi, all -


      New-built machine, quad-core, 6 gig RAM, EAH5870 GPU, 2 Samsung (to be replaced) monitors and 2 1T drives, Windows 7; CS4 Master Suite.


      The problem is tabbing or clicking back to Illustrator from any program, though most notably from PS, the program just hangs for a bit before resuming. This lag can be upward of 30 seconds sometimes, though normally around 20ish.  The files I've been working on have ave been very small, nothing that should be taxing at all.


      Working on the same files at work on a much lesser-spec machine produces nothing similar.  I've been through the normal troubleshooting path: Drivers, calibration, performance settings, etc. and have found nothing that to remedy this.


      Anyone have any idea why this would be?


      Thanks for any help resolving this.