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    $ExtensionSpecificEMStore in MXI file

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      I took a MXI file I found here as a starting point to make my own one.

      The following section deals with actually copying the files in the proper location:





           <file source="content/" destination="$photoshopappfolder/Plug-ins/Panels/myPanel" file-type="ordinary" />




      That's fine, it works, files are there.


      I'd rather move the files in the User/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS5ServiceManager/extensions/ folder (with the java ucf.jar tool I've been able to package and sign the extension, but I prefer to follow the mxi way).


      So I've changed the destination to "$ExtensionSpecificEMStore/myPanel".

      The MXI compiles without any error, the ZXP that's generated seems to work (ExtensionManager CS5 opens it and install the extension) but neither the files are there (in the CS5ServiceManager subfolder), nor I can find the extension in the menu. And by the way, I'm not able to find the files anywhere.

      So, what does "$ExtensionSpecificEMStore" actually means here? The doc says "Attribute for version 5.0 that degrade gracefully. Specifies the folder that stores extension-specific file."

      Thanks in advance for your help,



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          DavideBarranca Level 1

          I'm making progress.

          It seems the correct way isn't to pack everything into a ZXP file (created with ExtensionManager via MXI file) but


          1) Pick the extension files and use the Java ucf packing and signing tool to create a ZXP file.

          2) write a MXI file with extra instructions (for instance, I'm interested in the auto-update feature) which is then used to re-pack the ZXP into a new ZXP.


          So the lines will be:



                <file source="myPanel.zxp" file-type="CSXS" />



          This works, it installs the extension, that loads nicely in Photoshop.


          Strangely enough, I can't see any file neither in the

          Photoshop/Plug-ins/Panels folder,

          nor in the

          User/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS5ServiceManager/extensions folder


          So... where are they?! I couldn't be able to find them anywhere, but the extension loads. Puzzling.