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    adding video to my website

      I'm using Dreamweaver MX 2004 on a mac and I have .mov files that I want to put on my website with a player skin. I tried to use active X (windows media player control) and it didn't end up supporting my file format (even though the knowledge base of the adobe site listed it as a supported format). So next I tried to convert it to an flv with a skin using Flash CS3 (using actionscript 3.0 setting) and I published an swf and html version of the video. On the PC where I'm using Flash CS3 the files open up fine and work great, but when I bring them over to my mac, dreamweaver is not playing them back and when I try to open up in a web browser they don't work. One message that I got (not sure if it appeared for both swf and html) was something about needing AC_runtimeactivecontrols.js (it may have been a bit different than that, I'm using my memory at this point). Could someone please either suggest a remedy for my situation or try to recommend the best way I should do this? Thanks.