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    Dual Monitors in CS5 still a problem?


      Hi, I have dual monitors using mostly photoshop. In CS3, when I opened a document, I was able to have it open automatically in the right monitor, which was great. In CS4, adobe did away with that for no reason that I can think of as it is the biggest pain to have to tab out to get to my image (I know I sound like a whiny baby, but it does get annoying after hours, days, months, then years of doing that.)  I figured they would fix that with cs5 after all it was in cs3. What the dilly-yo? Is it just a button I haven't found. And as far as switching up the monitors, I have a righty desk, widescreen monitor and tablet on the right, set up to work righty, so I'm kind of S.O.L in that dept. It was in cs3......