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    Maximizing quality for YouTube.com

    davelalande Level 1

      I am using a Sony HD Camcorder (HDR-SR11) that captures video at 1440X1080 (AVCHD 1080i format) and I want to maximize quality of ~8minute videos for YouTube.  I am (just) running up against their 2GB file size limit.


      Does anyone have any pointers for the Export settings to maximize the quality but keep the file size down as much as possible for YouTube?

      Thanks in advance.


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          nealeh Level 5

          How can I get the best quality on YouTube?


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            P_Forrest Level 1

            Personally, I've never found that FAQ useful at all.  There are also no YouTube examples so we can't see how those settings really turned out and we don't know the original quality of the sources files.  It's like giving you a cookbook, the ingredients, but no stove.  I followed them before and they were just as bad as everything else.  Some people have recommended exporting as a LAN WMV.  That works OK, but it is not good enough for me.  Even converting the completed AVI from PE to a WMV in Windows Movie Maker often puts in sound glitches.


            With a Sony HD handycam,  I transfer the MTS video files into PE 7.  I then convert them to DV Widescreen (AVIs).  I found converting them to HDV is too much on my system.   I then do editing as AVIs.  I then export the final project as an MPEG 2 Widescreen.   Then you can upload it to YouTube.  Uploading a really BIG file to YouTube does not seem to improve quality but always stick with an MPEG 2 no matter what the size.  Though, if your video is 8 minutes, it will be big anyway but try it with the MPEG 2.


            That's as good as I've been able to figure out. I've only done this in the last month.  I can live with it.



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