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    What is script timeout and when is it likely to arise?

    Nava Chetana



      I have a very trivial question.What is script timeout and when is it likely to arise?


      To elaborate - We faced this issue when we were trying to generate a report.The report itself wasn't bulky but we had to render it via a custom datagrid to hide duplicate values (the data would be sorted).The idea was to render it as if we have merged cells on that column when there are repeated values.This was to be done across all the columns.This essentially meant we loop many times over trying to compare the current column data with its previous and then hide it.

      With this background we knew that a lot of processing was happening within the client side and thats what led to the script timeout.


      My question now

      If we are dealing with a large dataset and potential slow sqls, are we likely to encounter this? In other terms,the delay in this scenario is the response delay because of the various server side processing involved.Can the script timeout occur here ever?Even if we just render the data as is.?

      (unlike in the first case where we were dealing with a lot of looping on the Action script side).


      It seems too much of a limitation if we are supposed to get back the response within a max of 60 seconds(15 seconds is the default I read that can be extended upto 60 secs and not beyond).I'm hoping that this script timeout doesn't apply to the response time.Our design wrt paginating etc all stands on how and what this script timeout is and hence such a lengthy question.


      Would appreciate if someone on this forum can clarify this term for me/my team.