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    [CS5] Flash can not parse this document..

    Urme39 Level 1

      I sat with my flash document open for 12 hours straight actually.. and when I closed it and opened it again I got "Flash can not parse this document".

      So I googled for a solution, found that I could rename the .fla to .zip and unzip it and after 2 hours I found the XML-file that caused the problem, and I even commented out the lines in that XML-file, so I could re-zip it and rename it to .fla again and open it.


      Anyway this happened again and again.. and I got frustrated.


      I think I found out why this happened to me, I copied text from Photoshop into Flash CS5, and this made the document unable to open again after I closed it. It appears that the text I copied contained a "line break" or something, so I copied the text to notepad removed that character and then into flash, and this seems to have worked for.


      Anyone else had this problem?