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    Any Method or Workaround Available to Insert Variable in Topic Title?


      We are planning to implement variables in the next release of our Help to ease the replacement of certain terms. We develop webhelp in RH8. While variables work very well for terms within a topic and titles of TOC books and TOC pages, there seems to be a serious problem regarding topic titles and search results.


      When you rename TOC books and TOC pages, you can insert a variable in the title, so these update automatically when you change the value of the variable. However, you cannot insert a variable in the topic title (I'm assuming because the <title> tags are in the document head.).This causes a serious problem with search results. For example:


      • You create a variable for the term "Digital Assets," which is the default name of the item. This term is also used in many topic titles, such as "Creating Digital Assets."
      • You insert this variable in all the relevant topics, TOC book titles, and TOC page titles.
      • You change the value of the variable to "Analog Debits." The value is correclty substituted in all instances of the variable in topics & titles.
      • You build the Help. The terminology is correct everywhere.
      • However, when you search for Analog Debits, the topic titles returned are still Creating Digital Assets, etc.


      Of course, you can go through and manually change every title occurance of Digital Assets to Analog Debits, rebuild the project, and the search results will be "correctly" titled. However, manual labor on this scale defeats the purpose of variables.


      Have I missed an easy way to change topic titles, or is the inability to insert variables in a topic title an oversight that I recommend Adobe address?