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    More than one Table of Contents

      Does anyone know if RoboHelp now offers the ability to create more than one table of contents for a help project?
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          MapleDog Level 1
          This is for RoboHelp 7 (not RoboHelp 7 Server), correct?

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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Sorry, I got sidetracked. What I meant to add was that it is not a current feature but one expected in the next release. No date before you ask!

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              MergeThis Level 4
              You can certainly have multiple MyProject.hhc files that you can secrete within another folder structure somewhere, each within their own descriptive folder name for easy identification. Then just swap .hhc files, as needed, using Windows Explorer.

              Good luck,
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                johndaigle Level 4
                Leon is right. The "workaround" we have used for years is to create multiple TOC (projectname.hhc) or Index (.hhk) files and archive them somewhere for safekeeping. Then use them to overwrite the existing ones in the project. It works but it's really inconvenient and you really have to pay attention to an archive naming scheme because the filenames must be the same as the project name.

                However, I just noticed that I forgot to report in my Adobe RoboHelp 7 sneak peek wrap up an even more robust implementation. BTW, here's the URL Peter mentioned http://tinyurl.com/2ldt7e

                Not only will you have multiple TOC/Index and Glossary definitions - you will also have the ability to add a "placeholder" from one custom TOC to another. It's a reference that can be placed anywhere in the hierarchy of the TOC. It works in a similar way that the Merged TOC icon works now. Way cool and takes the TOC (Index) to another level. They will also play nice with RoboSource Control if you are using that.

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                  hughbetcha Level 1
                  Hi there,
                  I would like to bring up this topic about multiple TOC's again. I'm using RH7 with RH Server. What I would like to do is have one main TOC on site "A". From that TOC there may be a book that would link to site "B" which would have its' own TOC. So would have for example: http:// siteA and http:// siteB (or "http:// siteA/siteB"). Can this be done with one install of RH? If so please provide some instructions on how to do this and anything specific to server settings.

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                    Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                    That sounds like you just want one output to call another output? Is that really what you mean as that is as simple as a link to the start page of the second output. I think there must be more to it as the thought of having to have more than one installation of RH would not be a consideration. It would be like having one installation of Word for every document you produce. Also what you are describing is multiple outputs, not multiple tocs.

                    Please clarify.

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                      hughbetcha Level 1
                      Maybe having one output call another output is what I am trying to do... I am publishing merged projects to RH server. So I have one Master project where I edit the TOC and can put the placeholders for the merged projects. All I want to do is have one book in the TOC be a link that will open up a brand new TOC (not just as a branch of the existing main TOC). Guess I just don't understand how to publish one project to the same server but not have it merge with the others ??? I wasn't sure if I had to publish to a different server url for the "secondary" site the first TOC will link to.

                      Sorry if I'm not explaining clearly enough :)
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                        Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                        Hi Hugh

                        I'll have to defer to John Daigle, Colum or another that regularly uses the Server component to provide details if this is unclear. However, it's my understanding that the RoboHelp Server has a component that acts as like the server Admin console. I believe you use it to configure how RoboHelp Server behaves. I understand that using this application, you can elect to have the server either automatically merge projects for you or not.

                        In your case it would seem that you don't want the automatic merging. So you would probably want to turn it off.

                        That part seems clear enough. At least to me. Here is where it grows pretty fuzzy for me. If you aren't automatically merging projects, there would have to be SOME way to determine the URL for each project published. I'm thinking that if you knew the URL, you could then code either a TOC entry, Toolbar button or some other way to cause other systems to load up and display.

                        Cheers... Rick