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    printing from MIAW?

    hwa-jun yu Level 1
      I wanted to print image of the stage in certain rectangular area.
      Is there a solution other than using Printomatic xtra?
      I thought of making a MIAW which loads Image I have saved before, cropped into a small part from the cast member. the MIAW then ordered to be behind the Stage, so players won't able to see it. But the problem is I can't get director to print from the MIAW. I read some article that it is possible.
      Is it really possible or is there any better idea?

      Thank you in advance
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          I've used the _movie.printFrom() function once. It is not perfect... There are not a lot of options to set, but it did work perfectly for me. I did it under the exact conditionss as you. An MIAW was opened and the first frame was printed. However, I did not adjust the size of the MIAW, but I don't think that it's impossible to do. Good luck!

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            hwa-jun yu Level 1
            so how do you print from a MIAW?
            I can easily print from stage using _movie.printFrom()
            but I didn't find a clue to print from MIAW.